innovation and change

How to deal with people who resist change

If you’re a digital marketing professional who wants to drive innovation in your organisation you probably speak the ‘language’ of change. But not everyone likes change – here’s out tips for dealing with that.

Having ideas isn’t enough – you need allies

Even if your idea is good, to succeed, you need to listen and collaborate. I should know because I nearly got fired for ‘going it alone’.

Nothing ever goes viral

The Holy Grail of brand content is for it to ‘go viral’ but how often does this actually happen? The answer might surprise you.


How I overcame imposter syndrome

I turned down Blur… why did Gorillaz want me? How I overcame imposter syndrome and how I apply those learnings to my business life.

Finding our purpose

A while back we ran our first Advocate and Influencer Marketing Conference – the Wave Summit. Creating a conference is quite a thing but I didn’t expect it to help me find my purpose.

Core Values

How businesses with a strong internal culture thrived during Covid 

Companies with a strong internal culture shone the light on their employees during the darkest days of Covid. Here’s how the fostered it.

How to mobilise employees to become brand ambassadors

One of the most common questions we get asked is how do we get employees to sign up to an employee advocacy programme. Here’s how.

How to avoid your employee advocacy plans ending up on the ‘too risky’ pile

Employee Advocacy for retail – what impact can it have and who is doing it best as we emerge from lockdown?

How will you engage with customers post-lockdown?

Video exploring what marketing teams in major retailers did successfully in the last lockdown and what you can do now to relaunch as lockdown eases.

Why would employee influencers share your brand content?

During the numerous lockdowns in the past year, brands big and small decided to empower their employees to share content directly to their own followers and friends on social media to keep their brand message alive – even when in-store footfall wasn’t possible.

Those same brands are now using the same technique to amplify their marketing messages as stores plan to reopen.

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