What’s the value of commenting on Linked In?

Commenting is content.

It should be about 60-70% of your activity on Linkedin (or any social network).

Danielle Guzman, Global Head of Social at Mercer said when she started on Linkedin: ‘People call Linkedin social media – but so often it’s just people pushing their own agenda – it’s not social it’s just advertising.

‘Posting on Linkedin should only be one pillar of what you do – commenting is even more important.’

In search of more answers on commenting I watched an inspiring LinkedinLive session by Gillian Whitney featuring Danielle Guzman on this key topic.

Three key points I pulled out: 

1. Give to grow

The way to build a community is to add value –  you can do this through commenting – add your own experience and have a point of view. But always be kind and generous and be open to different points of view.

When replying to comments, where possible turn the conversation back round onto person making the comment – make it about them. You can pick up ideas from their profile, previous comments, their headline etc.

Be intentional with your comments. Always give someone more than what you’re asking of their time in order to consumer it.

2. Learn from your community

You can learn so much from reading other people’s comments. There are so many gems in there. If you’re just focused on ‘reaching KPIs’ you will miss lots of opportunities to start new interesting conversations.

If you’re starting out on LinkedIn it’s better to first consume content, then start commenting before you then start posting. If you’re not sure what to say in a comment – ask a question.

3. Generate ideas

Comments are a great way to create new content. Mine the comments to create ideas for new posts, carousels, top tips etc. 

Comments don’t die – they’re the start of a new conversation.

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