The Togethr Employee Advocacy Platform

Introducing the Togethr App

Your central team can optimise your combined performance, direct campaigns and grow employee capability.

Employees share quickly and easily on behalf of your company

Allows your employees to work together with colleagues to create greater impact. They can share to their own social networks. You provide content ideas, prompts and inspiration, they:

  • Create their own brand posts
  • Upload their own images or videos (or share those provided by you)
  • Share or schedule their social media posts
Togethr App employee advocacy content sharing
Togethr App employee advocacy reporting

Employees see their impact with in-app, personal feedback

Employees get a personal report directly in the Togethr App, showing not only their individual achievements in terms of posts, engagements and reach, but their combined impacts as part of your entire advocacy programme. They get:

  • Feedback notifications
  • Badges
  • Leaderboards

Employees build their skills with sharing tips

Your employee advocates receive in-app tips to help them improve their social media skills and generate more engagement from their posts:

  • In-app tips
  • Email newsletter tips
  • Motivational mobile notifications
Togethr App employee advocacy learning
Togethr App admin content

You can quickly plan and set up prompts for employees to share content

The admin system includes ready-to-use content templates and suggested prompts to make starting your employee advocacy programme simple.

  • Connect to RSS feed
  • Target activity to different segments
  • Filter members, including by performance

Optimise performance with ready to use reports

Accurate, easy-to-use reporting is one of the most fundamental areas of your advocacy programme. Togethr App provides a range of high-quality charts that you can view on desktop and:

  • Filter by target segments
  • Benchmark performance by date and segment
  • Download as presentation
Togethr App employee advocacy reporting
Togethr App employee advocacy workflow

Automate common actions based on different triggers

Togethr App allows admin users to create and send automated learning tips and advice to employees.

  • Send learning tips based on performance
  • Provide support based on activity levels
  • Award badges based on results

Client testimonials

'The passion and knowledge of our Partners is very powerful and inspiring. Giving them a way in which to connect personally with customers online provides a deeper, more meaningful relationship.'
'It’s been beyond expectation. Togethr enabled us to place Air Mauritius’ sponsorship of Afrasia golf event in front of a targeted audience – a reach of over 6 million in 12 days.'
'We knew we wanted to scale up our employee advocate programme and we needed to find the right tool to do it. Togethr not only allows us to manage employee advocacy, it also gives us impressive results.'
'With direct brand reach getting so much harder on social media and people turning to traditional advertising, the Togethr app helped us cut through the noise to make a bigger business impact.'

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