What we’ve learned about successful Employee Advocacy over the years

Since we turned our award-winning digital marketing agency into an Employee Advocacy platform, mobile app and training provider in 2016, we’ve launched some of the UK’s leading, successful employee advocacy programmes and trained many 100s of employees to build their professional standing on LinkedIn.

Here are some things we’ve learnt over the years:

Here are 3 ways Togethr can help you if you you’d like to activate your employees for marketing or HR success:

  1. Download our free Employee Advocacy framework: How to run a happy employee advocacy pilot

  2. Launch a pilot: we help organisations launch employee advocacy programmes fuelled by human connection and purpose.

  3. Kickstart change: Train your employees to become brand ambassadors on our 30 Day Social Club… Book before 21 Jul for up to 50% off next 30 Day Social Club’s in September, October and November.

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