Employee Advocacy is not longer a ‘nice to have’ arm of digital marketing or HR. It’s a must have in 2024.

Ogivy’s 2024 report states that: ‘Employee advocates are the new authentic marketing channel for brands. By sharing helpful content that engages communities, employee advocates encourage others to share and amplify their brand’s message.’

They go one step further and state that it will be the number 1 influencer trend in 2024 that you should care about.

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The untapped employee ‘creator economy’

Ogilvy’s report emphasises that a staggering 96% of the creator economy is yet to be fully utilised, representing a significant opportunity for brands. 

The collective network size of a company’s employees is, on average, 10 times larger than the company’s own network.

This underscores the immense reach and influence employees can have when they become brand advocates, even if each individual doesn’t, at first glance, have a massive reach.

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Put your employees at the heart of your EA strategy for success

In our experience, the biggest mistake brands make when starting out on their Employee Advocacy journey is by putting themselves first.

They want employees to push out brand content and forget to think about the employees needs first.

You aren’t on a plane. You don’t need to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping anyone else.

In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Help your employees to discover who they are, what their experience and expertise is and how they can use it to build an online profile… and THEN they can help disseminate your brand message in the right way.

Developing your Employee Advocacy strategy in 2024 should be ALL about helping your employees to discover who they are – not encouraging them to share content without meaning to them.

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Say hello to Andrew and Nigel

Andrew Seel

Andrew has been at the forefront of the digital industry for his entire career.

His expertise dates back to the birth of the web and he has a keen eye for what’s coming next.

Andrew has consulted for numerous brands globally in his career including: Channel 4 and EMI (eg Gorillaz), John Lewis & Partners, Haagen Dazs, Air Mauritius China and Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Nigel Jay Cooper

Nigel Cooper

Nigel co-founded We Are Togethr alongside Andrew.

He has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Häagen Dazs, John Lewis & Partners, Saatchi&Saatchi, Air Mauritius and Virgin.

Nigel is also a bestselling fiction novelist, currently working on his 4th novel as well as a number of Employee Advocacy related titles.

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