Employee Advocacy success: 4 things that will stop it dead in its tracks

To make your Employee Advocacy a success, you need to follow a process… and you need to be aware of what can stop it dead in its tracks.

Calculate the value of Employee Advocacy

Ever wondered how to calculate the value of Employee Advocacy? Pull up a chair, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

What we’ve learned about successful Employee Advocacy over the years

Successful employee advocacy – how can you make it work? Here’s what we’ve learned over the past decade launching some of the UK’s leading EA programmes.

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5 people will kickstart change – find them

Just 5 people can kick start change in your organisation. We’re offering 50% off LinkedIn training for employees… get started today.

The power of employees: ‘destroys the competition… they’re ground into dust’

When John Lewis & Partners let their Partners exclusively share their Xmas ad with the Togethr App, they ‘ground the competition into dust’.

What’s the value of commenting on Linked In?

What’s the value of commenting on Linked In? For a start, commenting IS content. Here’s our three top tips for Linked In comments.

Social media tips for employees: using Linked In

Is your feed full of posts from connections that aren’t particularly relevant or interesting? Using Linked In can be more rewarding. Here’s how.

The old ways of marketing don’t work anymore…

The old ways of marketing don’t work – so why are you still plugging away at them? Think about how you react to that intrusive ad or unwanted email?

How to get your team to share on social: 3 tips

The question I get asked most?  “How do I get employees on board to share on behalf of the company? Why would they do it?” Here’s 3 tips.

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What does Musk’s takeover of Twitter mean for the platform?

There are big changes ahead for Twitter and nobody quite knows what to think about it. So what are people concerned or excited about?

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