The power of employees: ‘destroys the competition… they’re ground into dust’

When John Lewis & Partners let their Partners exclusively share their Xmas ad with the Togethr App, they ‘ground the competition into dust’.

Social media tips for employees: using Linked In

Is your feed full of posts from connections that aren’t particularly relevant or interesting? Using Linked In can be more rewarding. Here’s how.

birds flying from a speech bubble in the dark sky

What does Musk’s takeover of Twitter mean for the platform?

There are big changes ahead for Twitter and nobody quite knows what to think about it. So what are people concerned or excited about?

Twitter Communities: a game-changer or another feature nobody will use?

If you’re a Twitter user, you may have noticed a new feature was added recently: Communities. As a Twitter junkie, here’s my thoughts.

Social media tips for employees #4: did I mention consistency?

In my last daily #socialmediatips clip, I talked about the importance of consistency. Then I missed posting another tips clip for 2 days…

Social media tips for employees #3: starting to comment on social media

If you’re building a social media profile professionally or on behalf of your employer but you’re still nervous about starting to comment on social media, here’s a few tips to help get you moving.

Social media tips for employees #2: consistency

[Video] Social Media tips for employees #2: consistency and ignoring the negative inner voice. You don’t have to do much each day, you do have to do something!

Social media tips for employees #1: it starts with a comment

[Video] Bite sized social media tips from Nigel Cooper, COO at We Are Togethr. It all starts with a comment… add value, don’t big yourself up.

30 Day Social Club Poster

What is the 30 Day Social Club?

The first 30 Day Social Club launches on 25 April! Here’s a video with a little more about it and how it works.

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Top 3 mistakes brands are making on social media

With TikTok overtaking Youtube for average watch time in both the US and the UK, the social media landscape is undeniably changing. This got me thinking about the brands that are keeping up – and the ones that aren’t. What mistakes are people making?

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