30 Day Social Club Poster

What is the 30 Day Social Club?

Turn your team into brand ambassadors in just 30 days. 

Social media training in what employees CAN do for your business, not just what they CAN’T.

The 30 Day Social Club launched in early 2022 and since then, we’ve trained 100s of employees from brands and organisations, large and small including: River Island, BT, Post Office, Big Issue, HSBC and more.

It’s a 2 day course split in bitesize pieces, spread over 5 weeks.

Your team can do the public course or you can enquire about private, personalised, company specific courses, tailored to your brand.

‘There are some courses companies should encourage their employees to do… 30 Day Social Club is one of these.’ Giles Palmer, Founder, Brandwatch.


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