30 Day Social Club

A professional branding and influence system designed specifically for employees

Day 1

  • Fear of posting
  • Don’t know what to write
  • Can’t find the time
  • Imposter syndrome
  • No relationship with customers
  • No value added for brand

Day 30

  • Confident  posts
  • Fast growing network
  • Visible
  • Consistent habit
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand ambassador

30 Day Social Club

1. Get Started

What to write as an employee?

Learn what you can achieve as an employee on social.

Understand the 3 areas you should consider when finding your niche.

See how Linkedin differs as an employee compared with an entrepreneur.

Learn who you should be talking to relevant to your role and expertise.

Overcome your barriers to getting started.

2. Gain Visibility

Content system

Discover how our system makes creating content child’s play.

Understand how to make time work for you.

Learn 3 common blockers and how to overcome them.

Understand the one thing that will make the biggest difference to your success.

3. Build A Professional Network


Discover the secret of building genuine connections.

Learn how to activate your community and massively increase engagement on your content.

Focus on the right connections to grow your visibility quickly.

Why just chasing follower numbers is the wrong approach.

4. Become A Brand Ambassador

Engage and convert

How to talk about your company without frightening off readers.

See the importance of getting your profile right.

Learn how to turn connections into brand opportunities relevant to you.

Focus internally on the brand and colleagues to better connect externally.

30 Day Social Club

30 Day Social Club

Bite-size lectures

You’re already busy with your main job so we’ve designed our programme to fit round you.

Learn the skills in bitesize lectures which you can dip into whenever you want.

Break through a brick wall

Live workshops

Follow our workbook through live group coaching, discussions and homework assignments.

Personal Roadmap

Set activity targets that work for you. Receive reminders and support based on these. Celebrate your achievements.

Accountability Partners

Accountability is one of the greatest motivators in building a habit. Share the experience with others on the same journey.

Who are we?

Andrew Seel

Andrew has been at the forefront of the digital industry for his entire career.

His expertise dates back to the birth of the web and he has a keen eye for what’s coming next.

Andrew has consulted for numerous brands globally in his career including: Channel 4 and EMI (eg Gorillaz), John Lewis & Partners, Haagen Dazs, Air Mauritius China and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Linked in

Nigel Jay Cooper

Nigel Cooper

Nigel co-founded We Are Togethr alongside Andrew.

He has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Häagen Dazs, John Lewis & Partners, Saatchi&Saatchi, Air Mauritius and Virgin.

Nigel is also a fiction novelist and runs AuthorSpark, helping authors to build their influence on social media to achieve more book sales.

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