Employee Advocacy Case Studies

Working together for excellence

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners was looking for a way to empower their employees to share authentic content with their customers that led to genuine, measurable customer engagement. Togethr helped them launch one of the UK's leading employee advocacy programmes, with our framework and employee advocacy app and platform. Case study coming soon.

Iceland Foods

In the highly competitive groceries retail marketplace, Iceland Foods wanted to significantly increase their reach to raise brand and product awareness among new audiences. See how the Togethr employee advocacy app made it easy for their employees to share Iceland brand and product content on social media to grow customer engagement and reach a new customer base.

Air Mauritius

See how Togethr helped Air Mauritius to use advocacy to switch on untapped influencers, encouraging them to tell unique, authentic stories about the airline underpinned by key brand messages, cementing Air Mauritius’s position as the place where 'Mauritius begins'. Case study coming soon.

Audley Travel

One of Audley Travel's USP’s is the quality and knowledge of their experts and the value this provides to their customers. They wanted to showcase their expertise in an innovative way to empower their employees to help them find and recruit the right candidates. See how the Togethr employee advocacy app solved this problem while delivering a 68% monthly saving on talent acquisition costs.

Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose was looking for a way to empower their employees to share authentic content with their customers, to engage and build on their existing relationship with them. Case study coming soon showing how Togethr helped them launch and grow an incredible employee advocate community with amazing results.


The declining return on investment (ROI) from advertising and decreased organic social media reach meant the high-value content created by ICAEW wasn't reaching prospective clients. See how the Togethr advocacy app solved this problem, leading Nigel Hastilow, Director, Enterprise, ICAEW to say: 'Many of our members have told us Togethr is the best marketing activity we do.'

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