the next big thing scrawled on a wall

The search for better mousetraps

Launching ‘the next big thing’ is the holy grail of managers and entrepreneurs but how do consumers see it?

human hand touching digital hand

Is human to human marketing actually a thing?

The rise of automation and AI has led to something unexpected (or perhaps completely expected)… the appearance of human to human marketing. 

Employee trust - four hands clasped together

Employee trust is top predictor for business performance

Mutual trust between employees and employers is a key predictor for business success – so why aren’t more brands ready to trust their staff to go on online and talk to their customers?

innovation and change

How to deal with people who resist change

If you’re a digital marketing professional who wants to drive innovation in your organisation you probably speak the ‘language’ of change. But not everyone likes change – here’s out tips for dealing with that.

Finding our purpose

A while back we ran our first Advocate and Influencer Marketing Conference – the Wave Summit. Creating a conference is quite a thing but I didn’t expect it to help me find my purpose.

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy, part 1 of 5: Purpose

How business purpose drives employee advocacy. Our tips on finding purpose for you and your employees.

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