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Top 3 mistakes brands are making on social media

With TikTok overtaking Youtube for average watch time in both the US and the UK, the social media landscape is undeniably changing. This got me thinking about the brands that are keeping up – and the ones that aren’t.

Forbes recently brought together a panel to look at the 16 Social Media Mistakes Companies Make That Can Weaken Engagement – if you have time, it’s well worth a read.

In the meantime, here are 3 that stood out for me and why.

1. Focusing on your brand and not setting up a conversation

Set up your social media ready for a conversation – it’s easy to focus solely on your brand when creating content on social.

Bringing in peer reviews and influencers can help balance your channel and create more engagement.

Another important strategy is having community managers who actively engage with people in a real, authentic way.

‘If your brand has a human touch, your community will engage with you more.’
Gina Michnowicz, The Craftsman Agency

2. Posting unreliable content than won’t resonate

Right now, relatable content is a major factor in social media spaces.

If your company is receiving little engagement, then changing up your content so it resonates more with your audience is a crucial step.

‘Tapping into the thoughts and feelings of your followers and potential audience members is the best way to get them to respond.’
Lisa Montenegro, Digital Marketing Experts – DMX

3. Not entertaining or teaching anything

‘As viewers, we live by one rule when scrolling through social media: Your posts should either entertain or teach me. In consuming content, users are looking to learn something interesting or for something to entertain them. If your posts don’t achieve either, this could explain your low engagement. Try to view your social media posts from the perspective of a stranger—would you want to engage with them?’
Patricia Rioux, Team ODEA

What mistakes do you think brands are making and why? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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