Do employees have to post and build influence on every social network?

Social media can be overwhelming – and it’s always worth remembering this if you’re embarking on an employee advocacy programme. It isn’t only about providing content and support to your employees. It won’t all be solved with some content guidance and an app (although our app is marvellous, obviously :D).

Supportive work colleagues holding hands

How to help your employees to build a strong social media presence

How can you involve employees who don’t yet have a strong social media presence in your employee advocacy programmes? How do you help them to become one of your trusted brand ambassadors?

How to create brand content your employees will share

Will employees happily share your brand content? The short answer: it depends. Here are some do’s and don’ts… and expert tips for getting it right.

Successful employee advocacy programme - happy employees

Five ways to drive a successful employee advocacy programme

How do you make a successful employee advocacy programme for the long term? It can be easy to light the fire, but to keep your new programme delivering sustainable results, you will need to make it personally meaningful for everyone involved.

Employee advocate marketing recruits sharing content

Who should your first employee advocate marketing recruits be?

You’ve decided you want to get involved in employee advocacy but are you working out who to invite still? You wouldn’t be alone. Selecting your first employee advocate marketing recruits can be challenging, but we’ve put together a few tips below, so dive in.

Brian Solis Wave Summit Togethr

Brian Solis discusses Influence 2.0 at We Are Togethr’s WAVE Summit

Brian Solis discusses employee advocacy and employee influence 2.0 at Togethr’s Wave Summit in London.

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