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Five ways to drive a successful employee advocacy programme

How do you make a successful employee advocacy programme for the long term?

It can be easy to light the fire, but to keep your new programme delivering sustainable results, you will need to make it personally meaningful for everyone involved.

In this article we look at some routes to help your company plan your trajectory for successful employee advocacy and keep it on track.

1. Make it easy

An employee advocacy programme that sits on a mobile app means a colleague only needs 2-3 minutes per day to check in on company news and share what they enjoy.

Having an app means employees can share news to their personal social networks.

It also means your company can update employees’ feeds with regular, fresh content that helps them share news plus their own knowledge and expertise.

2. Scale it

Beyond a certain number of people, a manual programme will quickly become unmanageable. No one wants excel hell!

To scale your programme, consider employee advocacy software that will help you onboard colleagues quickly; scale up efficiently and manage it efficiently.

3. Measure accurately

A successful employee advocacy programme is one you can accurately measure.

Being able to report accurately is critical in demonstrating ROI to senior leadership and getting wider buy-in.

Software means colleague activity is tracked, measured, and optimised easily to meet relevant business goals.

4. Sustain long term

Understanding the psychology of your employees is key to making sure your employee advocacy programme grows beyond the initial launch excitement.

Gamification is fun and motivates advocates. It acts as a feedback mechanism for colleagues and encourages regular sharing.

5. Keep it engaging

Things to consider include:

  • Setting challenges that drive employee generated content and empower them to contribute personally
  • Offer localised content for employees, for example by the country or region they work in

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