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Stand out with a human touch: 3 ways to make e-commerce more human

The rise of e-commerce has caused a massive shift in how people shop – but the human touch is still important. 

The convenience of online shopping is undeniable in terms of the range of products available, the simplicity of price comparison and the ease of home delivery. 

The challenge for many retailers is how to differentiate themselves without joining the race to the bottom in terms of price.

Shopping online is a pretty impersonal experience and for many products that’s just how customers like it. 

But for products such as fashion or home styling where inspiration and guidance play a key role in buying decisions, there is an opportunity to stand out with a human touch:

#1 Be where your customers are

Your customers have moved on. They spend more time browsing products in online stores and finding inspiration on social media through influencers and other customers. 

Social media is the new shop floor. If you’re not present you miss the opportunity to be part of the conversation.

#2 Deliver a personal experience through social media

While the brand social channels have a place in your marketing mix, your employees have higher levels of trust. 

Empower them to deliver a personal experience to customers through their own social profiles. Encourage them to inspire customers with ideas and engage with customer comments.

#3 Put your expertise centre stage

The employees who’ll make the biggest difference in terms of influence and ROI are the ones who have both the expertise customers are looking for, and who display a talent for creating content on social and building an audience. 

Give them the support, training, community and time to create great content.

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