What impact employee advocacy can have on the high street

Employee Advocacy for retail – what impact can it have and who is doing it best as we emerge from lockdown?

How will you engage with customers post-lockdown?

Video exploring what marketing teams in major retailers did successfully in the last lockdown and what you can do now to relaunch as lockdown eases.

Why would employee influencers share your brand content?

During the numerous lockdowns in the past year, brands big and small decided to empower their employees to share content directly to their own followers and friends on social media to keep their brand message alive – even when in-store footfall wasn’t possible.

Those same brands are now using the same technique to amplify their marketing messages as stores plan to reopen.

what's your story? Employee sharing content

What’s the point of employee advocacy if your employees share brand content anyway?

If your employees share brand content online already, you’re undeniably a step ahead of most of the competition. There are a still few questions about employee sharing you need to ask though.

employee advocate sharing marketing content

Is Employee Advocacy right for your sector?

You’ve decided you want to get involved in employee advocacy but are you working out who to invite still? You wouldn’t be alone. Selecting your first employee advocate marketing recruits can be challenging, but we’ve put together a few tips below, so dive in.

woman sharing employee advocacy content on her mobile

The four types of employee advocacy content your team will want to share

Considering the right type of employee advocacy content for colleagues to share on social media can be daunting. How do you create content that employees will be happy to share on a regular basis?

Employee Advocacy Vs Paid Media

Finding the right marketing mix can be frustrating for any company: you want to drive your business forward but with global economic uncertainty it’s become harder than ever. Which way to turn? This article looks at employee advocacy vs paid media – and why both should be considered in a new light in the post-Covid19 world.

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