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What’s the point of employee advocacy if your employees share brand content anyway?

If your employees share brand content online already, you’re undeniably a step ahead of most of the competition. There are a still few questions worth asking, though:

  • What are we really trying to achieve here?
  • Can we really see what is going on and measure employee sharing?
  • Are we making it easy for employees to share brand content?

This article looks at how you might think about what you have now and how you can organise a company around a vision more effectively with a process to scale and measure employee sharing.

So what to do?

Employees can spend an awful amount of time trying to access and gather information. An employee sharing programme can make it easy for colleagues to access and share company information on their mobile devices easily.

It’s where we spend most of time, right? So, making it the primary method of communication in our everyday lives means it’s a quicker way of content distribution.

For empowerment, wellbeing and engagement plus post Covid-19 getting to a remote and distributed workforce, it supports colleagues to be informed and up-to-date.

The employee sharing plan

It is difficult at the best of times to think of the best way to work with your colleagues but most of us are also facing an uncertain economic climate. Without question, you need to make sure new initiatives count, so one way forward is to measure it.

One of the key components of an employee advocacy programme is that activity be measured in a number of ways and optimised as you trial different shareable content.

Like what?

  • Top performing content
  • Number of shares
  • Number of engagements
  • Number of impressions
  • Number of clicks
  • Top performing employees
  • Top regions or departments or social platforms

Having this kind of functionality allows a feedback loop to take place. This can help drive your business forward, increase marketing reach and support talent retention and acquisition

Lastly, an employee programme can be is gamified, meaning employees receive prompts, nudges and soft rewards such as points, badges and a postion on a leaderboard to encourage engagement.

Who said this stuff isn’t fun?

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