Your employee advocacy app

Reliable, scalable, customisable, performance enhancing

Self managed

The Togethr employee advocacy app is designed to be completely self-managed. We set you up and you do the rest, from seamlessly inviting and managing members to your programme to providing full reporting on their brand posts. Add-ons available for strategic support and training when you need it.

Designed for you

The Togethr App has a range of different packages with differing features, meaning it will suit your business, whether you are exploring employee advocacy for a small team, a single department or for your entire corporation.

Developed by advocacy experts

The Togethr team has many years experience delivering employee advocate marketing programmes for global brands. Every ounce of our knowledge has gone into the Togethr App so you can deliver a high-performance employee programme from day 1.

The Togethr Hub

Essential resources to prep, launch & scale your employee advocacy programme

Employee Advocacy Resources

All you need to get started

introducing employee advocacy

Intro to Employee Advocacy toolkit

Collection of documents acting as a step-by-step guide to start your advocate marketing journey. Put together by our in-house experts, this pack includes introductory guides, a jargon buster, case studies and must-have document templates.

Employee advocacy advance check

Is your business prepared for employee advocacy? This toolkit acts as an advance checklist to make sure you are ready to go. Includes skills audits and checklists and a library of case studies and statistics.

Business Case Builder

Business case builder

Need to build a case for employee advocacy in-house with your leadership team? This toolkit contains presentation templates, ROI calculators, budget planning templates and RFP templates.

Global brands

Togethr has been working with global brands for 17 years

What They Say

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Air Mauritius

'It’s been beyond expectation. Togethr enabled us to place Air Mauritius’ sponsorship of Afrasia golf event in front of a targeted audience – a reach of over 6 million in 12 days.'

Doris Ah Kay Mun

Senior Manager

John Lewis & Partners

'The passion and knowledge of our Partners is very powerful and inspiring. Giving them a way in which to connect personally with customers online provides a deeper more meaningful relationship.'

Eva Bojtos

Senior Manager, Social Marketing Team

Iceland Foods

'We knew we wanted to scale up our employee advocate programme and we needed to find the right tool to do it. Togethr not only allows us to manage employee advocacy, it also gives us impressive results.'

Andy Thompson

Head of Social

John Lewis & Partners

'Togethr allowed us to scale our employee advocacy programme. We now have Partners in all 51 shops trained and active. We see it as the future of communication.'

Partnership Team

John Lewis & Partners


'With direct brand reach getting so much harder on social media and people turning to traditional advertising, the Togethr app helped us cut through the noise to make a bigger business impact.'

Nigel Hastilow

Head of Enterprise

Air Mauritius

'Togethr was fundamental in guiding Air Mauritius’ team. Their expertise was crucial to help us become the leading social media brand in the travel segment in Mauritius and the region.'

Derek Shanks

Chief Commercial Officer

Have you launched (or tried to launch) an employee advocacy programme in your organisation? We’d like to understand what challenges you faced.

Consultancy, strategy and mentoring

Influence and advocacy


We provide a range of employee advocacy consultancy packages for those of you in the early stages of planning. Get in touch to talk through what you're trying to achieve and our experts will recommend the right package.


Our team has set up and run employee advocacy programmes for national and global brands. They have distilled their knowledge into a range of strategy packages to support you when preparing to launch a programme. Get in contact to find out more.


Want a more hands-on approach? Get expert advice, consultancy and strategy with one of our experts. They will mentor you, providing thoughts, expert advice and analysis of your employee advocacy programme launch every step of the way.


Training provided for your team to build expertise in advocacy marketing including Understanding data and measuring impact; Storytelling workshop; Scaling across markets.

Want to talk through your options?

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