Optimise combined performance of local social media activity

  • Bring together performance data from local stores/offices and employees’ social media activity
  • Understand who is delivering results by segmenting data by region, behaviour, job role and more.
  • Understand what actions affect performance by segmenting data by prompts, content, tips and more.
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Grow employee and local store/office capability

  • Live data from the platform provides feedback to users helping them grow their skills and remain motivated to share.
  • Users can benchmark their progress against others within brand group.
  • Users don’t work alone – they can learn from their peers.

Benchmark value of local activity

  • Benchmark local with other marketing disciplines (eg local with national social).
  • Focus activity on best place to improve ROI.
  • Identify high performing employees or stores.
  • Align local activity with customer journey, paid campaigns and other marketing.

Global brands

Togethr has been working with global brands for 17 years

What They Say

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Air Mauritius

'It’s been beyond expectation. Togethr enabled us to place Air Mauritius’ sponsorship of Afrasia golf event in front of a targeted audience – a reach of over 6 million in 12 days.'

Doris Ah Kay Mun

Senior Manager

John Lewis & Partners

'The passion and knowledge of our Partners is very powerful and inspiring. Giving them a way in which to connect personally with customers online provides a deeper more meaningful relationship.'

Eva Bojtos

Senior Manager, Social Marketing Team

Iceland Foods

'We knew we wanted to scale up our employee advocate programme and we needed to find the right tool to do it. Togethr not only allows us to manage employee advocacy, it also gives us impressive results.'

Andy Thompson

Head of Social

John Lewis & Partners

'Togethr allowed us to scale our employee advocacy programme. We now have Partners in all 51 shops trained and active. We see it as the future of communication.'

Partnership Team

John Lewis & Partners


'With direct brand reach getting so much harder on social media and people turning to traditional advertising, the Togethr app helped us cut through the noise to make a bigger business impact.'

Nigel Hastilow

Head of Enterprise

Air Mauritius

'Togethr was fundamental in guiding Air Mauritius’ team. Their expertise was crucial to help us become the leading social media brand in the travel segment in Mauritius and the region.'

Derek Shanks

Chief Commercial Officer

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