All you need to get started with employee advocacy

Introducing employee advocacy


Guides, resources, templates, budgeting guides and a jargon buster. Everything you need if you're beginning to explore and prepare for employee advocacy for your business.

Advance business check


Is your business prepared for employee advocacy? This toolkit acts as an advance checklist to make sure you are ready to go. Includes skills audits and checklists and a library of case studies and statistics.

Business case builder


Need to build a case for employee advocacy in-house with your leadership team? This toolkit contains presentation templates, ROI calculators, budget planning templates and RFP templates.

Work together

Prepare for employee advocacy - office workers talk around table

Build your brand with employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is a way for you to work together with your employees to build your brand. It usually begins with marketing but crosses over into internal communications, sales and recruitment. If that sounds like a big step from where you are now, don’t worry, most people start with marketing and scale up over time. To help you to understand your current situation and how you can get started as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have created this Prepare Subscription.

What’s included in the Prepare Subscription?
This comprehensive advocate marketing toolkit includes a range content created by Togethr’s expert team, giving you all the tools you need to prepare for employee advocacy, including presentations to help you to get full support and buy-in from your leadership. Some items are templates and worksheets, others are guides, statistics and further insight from our expert team. You can use the first few articles in a toolkit for free and if they’re helpful, you can subscribe for the rest. Above you can see a full list of toolkits and articles included within the Prepare Subscription.

Who does it help?
We’ve worked with global brands in retail, finance, travel, aviation, automobiles, fashion… In short, employee advocacy helps B2C, B2B and B2G, as well as those looking at a more integrated approach to influencer marketing, employee advocacy and customer advocacy in the post-covid landscape.

Why should I subscribe?
You can save yourself a lot of time. These advocate marketing toolkits will give you a clear understanding of how employee advocacy could work within your business, it answers the questions leadership will ask about ROI and tell you what success looks like in an employee advocacy programme when you launch one.

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