How you can make Employee Advocacy take off

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Launch a programme suited to your organisation
This course is inspired by our years of experience working with global brands to successfully launch employee advocacy programmes. It will change the way you approach leading the launch of a new initiative in your business, with a focus on you and your skills. If you’d prefer us to invoice you instead of buying online, we can, just email us at and we’ll send you an invoice. Full course description below.

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This course will help you to launch a successful employee advocacy programme suited to YOUR organisation but more than that, it will help you to do it with confidence.

This course coaches you in the skills you need, from ideation and creating a purpose and vision for your programme to finding allies across the business to support you. It will help you to build a compelling story to sell your idea into the C-suite.

Driving change is tough, that’s why this course focuses on giving you the skills to manage your own resilience throughout the process, so you can be an effective catalyst for change in your organisation.

You’ll learn how to bring people on board with your idea and how to use behavioural change techniques that will keep your advocates motivated once you’ve launched your employee advocacy programme.


  • Module 1: Purpose – where people and business meet
  • Module 2: Allies and empathy – building bridges to keep people aligned
  • Module 3: Stories 1 – How to tell your brand story all together
  • Module 4: Progress – the power of behavioural change and creating a programme that people are proud to be part of
  • Module 5: Stories 2 – Powerful storytelling to bring your vision to life for the C-suite
  • Module 6: Managing change and managing yourself – building your own resilience to drive success


Can you invoice me rather than me paying online?
Yes, if you’d prefer us to invoice you, we can. Please email your details to us at and we’ll send you an invoice.

Is this a live course or can I fit it around my own schedule?

This is a recorded course so you can listen to it when it suits you. We will release a new module every Tuesday for 6 weeks.

How is the course delivered?
Each module is delivered by video, these are pre-recorded so you can listen at a time that suits you.

How long is each of the 6 modules?
Each module is between 35-50 minutes.

What if I have questions as I listen to the course?

If you listen to it and have any questions, you can email us and we’ll collate all the questions and our thoughts and send these round to everyone on Friday of the same week.

Will there be additional learning materials?

Yes. Each module comes with some learning materials to support you as you move through the programme.

Can I access recordings after the 6 weeks?

Yes. You can access these recordings for a year after you enrol. So if you start and need to stop and pick back up, or you want to relisten once you’ve launched your programme and need to focus on a particular area, you can simply login and relisten to the module.

What if I don’t have time right now?

We’re looking to help you be more effective in delivering your ideas, which will ultimately save you time.

What if I buy it and don’t see the value?

We are here to help our network and will not be happy unless we provide incredible value. If this course isn’t right for you, we will give you a full refund up to 30 days after purchase date. No questions asked.

We have an employee advocacy programme already, so how will this help?

Employee advocacy has changed since it was first integrated into marketing and HR. In all the years we’ve worked with clients on their programmes, we’ve seen many that fail to gather momentum after the initial excitement.

They can be seen as too corporate, too time consuming, too much focus on what’s in it for the business and not for the advocates. This course will help you revitalise existing programmes, as well as coach you in the skills to launch a programme from scratch.

If you want a short overview guide on how to do employee advocacy, we are providing one as a bonus.

We’re not planning employee advocacy at the moment

This could be your opportunity. Now’s the time to learn how to make change happen within your organisation. You can be the difference that makes things progress.

I’m not sure if I’m a changemaker or not

If you’re someone who has ideas for how your company could improve or change then you could be a changemaker. We’re here to help. This course will guide you through the process of how to make those ideas happen. We explain the techniques, tools and tricks to get things moving.

I work for a small company where I’m our only marketing resource.

This course is aimed at larger companies but if you’re striving to get better and find a way to get more of your colleagues to help you with your marketing – you’ll find real value here.

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