How to use AI for social and still be human (20% group discount x5)

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In this live 2-hour workshop (5pm BST, Thurs 27 April), we’ll give you expert advice and guidance in how to use AI, specifically ChatGPT, with a focus on social media. We’ll help you to learn ChatGPT’s capabilities so you can unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and influence in your social media posts, whether that’s for yourself personally or the brand you work for.

Live 2 hour session starts at 5pm 27 April 2023.

If you can’t make the live date, you can access a recording of the session after.

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Togethr founders Andrew Seel and Nigel Cooper have been digital pioneers since the birth of the web itself.

They are AI explorers, sharing their knowledge of this fast-moving field with you to help you keep up and thrive in this brave new world.

This ChatGPT social media workshop will cover:

  • How AI has changed the world
  • How AI is already changing social media for you and your organisation
  • Introduction to your new research assistant – ChatGPT
  • How to chat to ChatGPT so it helps you
  • What ChatGPT does well (and what it doesn’t)
  • Learn the secret to crafting effective prompts to get the most from ChatGPT
  • How to train ChatGPT to help you rapidly generate an abundance of social media content that isn’t generic but tailored to your voice.
  • How to train ChatGPT to write like you and learn how to get personalised, unique responses
  • How to edit your posts to remain human and authentically you.

Live 2 hour session starts at 5pm 27 April 2023.

The session is recorded and all participants have lifetime access to the recording.

What else is included:

  • Access to recording of LIVE workshop & presentation deck, forever
  • A comprehensive guide to using ChatGPT to generate useful, useable, relevant social media ideas and posts
  • Prompts for training ChatGPT to write social media posts for Twitter, Linkedin
  • A bonus recorded Q&A session where you and other participants can submit questions and Andrew and Nigel will provide recorded answers for everyone to access.


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