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Intro to employee advocacy guide

What is employee advocacy? Is it right for your business? How do you measure ROI? How do you control what content your employees share? Get started with this guide.

Digital prepare for employee advocacy case studies

Intro to employee advocacy deck

This presentation template will help you present the idea of employee advocacy internally to your team. Introduce the concept and its potential benefits to your business.

Employee Advocacy use cases

EA is more than marketing. It also positively impacts HR and Sales activity. These real life cases studies give you an idea whether your business should be considering it.

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Incorporating EA in your marketing mix

This guide provides insights into how employee advocacy fits alongside press, celebrity influencer and micro-influencer marketing, paid media, PR and Corporate comms.

Employee Advocacy Jargon Buster

Like most marketing disciplines, employee advocacy comes with a range of jargon and acronyms. Many people use different terms for the same thing and it can get confusing.

Intro to Employee Advocacy in retail

An introductory guide with more specific information for anyone in the retail industry thinking of starting out in Employee Advocacy or expanding their existing existing programme.

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Social skills quiz template

When you decide who to invite to an employee advocacy programme, it’s important to understand the level of social media maturity they have. This quiz template will help.

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Overcoming common objections

This guide will help you answer the most common objections you might encounter internally when suggesting an employee advocacy programme for your organisation.

ROI Powerpoint template with stats

One of the questions we get asked most is how to measure ROI for employee advocate marketing programmes. Here’s a Powerpoint with some facts and figures.

Presenting Employee Advocacy to leadership

This Powerpoint presentation deck template contains all the relevant slides and information you’ll need when presenting your vision to your leadership team internally.

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Join the 30 Day Social Club

Small, manageable daily actions add up to huge results. Find out more about our cohort based course that helps employees to become trusted voices on social media.

Togethr App

Ready for the next stage?

Ready for the next stage? Find out more about the Togethr App for desktop and mobile. Help your employees on social while combining all your separate data in one place.

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