Typical employee advocacy programme

A diagram

What does employee advocacy look like?

This timeline diagram shows you what a typical employee advocate marketing programme looks like, from a manual launch to growing and scaling with technology.

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Part 1: Content to come

  • Content to come
  • How has Covid-19 changed things?
  • How does employee advocacy integrate with other marketing?
  • What do you need to get started?

Part 2: why brands need to consider it

  • Why your employees want to be involved
  • How employee advocacy transforms your customer buying journey
  • Why consumers trust people like them (your employees) more than brands
  • How employee advocacy delivers ROI
  • The new normal: keeping employees engaged as remote working continues

Part 3: How to succeed in employee advocacy

  • Finding a sponsor in senior leadership 
  • Communicating with employees: how to get them on board
  • Who are the best early adopter advocates?
  • Getting started: keeping it simple
  • Capturing the right data to measure results

Part 4: Case studies

  • Snapshots of some successful employee advocacy case studies

Part 5: Further reading

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