IF99: grow your influence on social media at work

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A programme for employees to grow influence at work on social media.

IF99 is a series of 8 LIVE sessions that will take your employees through the do’s and don’ts of sharing on social media for professional purposes. The sessions take employees through the first 99 days of activity, from their very first steps through to having valuable social interactions with customers on behalf of your company. IF99 will give employees the tools and confidence to become authentic social media champions. It will show them how to be themselves online while still representing your brand and values.

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The LIVE course will run from 23 Sept every Thursday at 3pm for 8 weeks (excluding Thursday 28 October).


Who is it for?

Team members of any company size who are early on in their advocacy and social media journey and want to know how to get started, build their following and share relevant content to increase their influence on behalf of your company. 

Led by Andrew Seel and Caroline Jory, our team of experts will take you through each module. Caroline and Andrew have launched employee advocacy programmes for major brands including John Lewis & Partners, Waitrose & Partners, Post Office and Iceland Foods to name but a few.


What does the course include?

The course is built around 8 core pillars that will allow you to quickly grow your social media influence at work.


  • What is influence? 
  • Getting started
  • Establishing your community
  • Building your personal brand
  • Increasing your following
  • The power of brilliant storytelling 
  • How to improve your interaction with customers
  • How do you know when it’s working


Some questions you may have


We have an employee advocacy programme already, so how will this help?

One of the key factors in the success of an employee advocacy program is the skills of the employees. This course is designed to support members of your team become successful and confident advocates and influencers on behalf of the company.

We’re not planning employee advocacy at the moment

Even if you’re not planning an official employee advocacy programme at the moment this course can help team members build their skills and influence on social media. This can bring huge benefits to the company.

I work for a small company 

You don’t need to have an official employee advocacy programme to benefit from becoming influential on social media for your company. This can work as well for a company of one as a company of 1000. Whatever size you are  – you’ll find real value here.

Can you invoice me rather than me paying online?

Yes, if you’d prefer us to invoice you, we can. Please email your details to us at and we’ll send you an invoice.

How is the course delivered?

Each module is delivered by video, these are live.

How long is each of the 8 modules?

Each module is between 45-60 minutes.

What if I have questions as I listen to the course?

If you listen to it and have any questions, you can email us and we’ll collate all the questions and our thoughts and send these round to everyone on Friday of the same week.

Will there be additional learning materials?

Yes. Each module comes with some learning materials to support you as you move through the programme.

Can I access recordings after the 8 weeks?

Yes. You can access these recordings for a year after you enrol. So if you start and need to stop and pick back up, or you want to relisten once you’ve launched your programme and need to focus on a particular area, you can simply login and relisten to the module.

What if I don’t have time right now for this course?

We’re looking to help your employees be more effective in delivering your social media marketing or social selling, which will ultimately save you time and money and grow your business.

What if I buy it and don’t see the value?

We are here to help our network and will not be happy unless we provide incredible value. If this course isn’t right for you, we will give you a full refund up to 30 days after purchase date. No questions asked.

I’m still not sure this course is right for me or my team


If you would like to find out more about the course, meet the team delivering it and see how it can help your employees, we invite you to join us for a live Q&A session.


These are running 7, 9 and 15th Sept and will last 15-20 minutes.


Register for a place on a Q&A session before Friday and you will still receive your early bird discount if you go on to book.


You can also email us at any time with questions.


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