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Hybrid working: the genie is out of the bottle

Post-covid it looks like hybrid working is here to stay. Employees are demanding more flexibility and employers have to listen in a way they never had to pre-pandemic.

frontline retail staff social selling

Businesses wake up to the fact their employees are their most powerful asset

As UK restrictions lift, retailers clamour to tap into the pandemic trend for social shopping with new roles for frontline retail staff.

Waterstones shop window

How the Waterstones localisation strategy is winning over customers

Since the pandemic started, there has been a massive re-evaluation on every level. As the country stands on the edge of Freedom Day on 19 July, what are the lessons retailers are taking forward?

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy: Part 5 of 5 Measurement and Reporting

What does a successful employee advocacy programme look like? How do you measure success and report to internal stakeholders and your team?

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy: Part 4 of 5 Motivation

Our 5 cardinal rules for keeping employees motivated once you’ve enrolled them into your advocacy programme. First up, DO NOT reward them.

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy Part 3 of 5: Content and Storytelling

There’s a lot of debate right now about how much employee generated content brands should aim for employees to be sharing. If you’re wondering how to approach content for employees to share, this will help.

Network of digital people

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy, part 2 of 5: Recruitment

How do you decide which members of staff you want to invite into your employee advocate programme? Who do you want posting content on behalf of your brand – and how do you invite them to do so?

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy, part 1 of 5: Purpose

How business purpose drives employee advocacy. Our tips on finding purpose for you and your employees.

Why should a business risk their employees sharing on social media in 2021?

The 5 pillars of employee advocacy and why you should be encouraging your employees to share brand content on social media in 2021.

Supportive work colleagues holding hands

How to help your employees to build a strong social media presence

How can you involve employees who don’t yet have a strong social media presence in your employee advocacy programmes? How do you help them to become one of your trusted brand ambassadors?

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