Togethr Lab 2021

A unique low-risk, low-cost employee advocacy pilot with full coaching
and support from experts and peers.

15 March - 14 June 2021

    Register by 28 Feb 2021. Places on sale 1st March 2021.
    Limited to 15 places.

    A unique low-risk, low-cost 3 month employee advocacy pilot with coaching and support from experts and peers. Start small and see if it works for YOU and YOUR organisation. Limited to 15 places.

    Togethr Lab 21 will give you quick wins and real results from employees in your organisation to help you build a longer-term case for employee advocacy in your organisation.

    Every business is unique. Togethr Lab 21 is designed to support you with a small, doable pilot that won’t require high-cost sign off. The framework works for ANY business of 200+ people, no matter the industry.

    Because the coaching is tailored to you, there are only 15 spaces available.

    The power of YOUR people: an exploration of the power of colleagues working together to make a combined marketing impact with the aid of the latest advocate marketing technology and expert coaching.

    Register your interest above.

    Why Togethr Lab 21?

    Employee advocacy pilot

    Now is the time for an employee advocacy pilot

    Why you?

    You’re an experienced social media or digital marketing practitioner who is inspired to create change in your business and make an impact in 2021.

    Every successful employee advocacy programme has at its heart a changemaker who is immersed in digital and social and how they are transforming business and your customers.

    Why us?

    Togethr are social media and employee advocacy experts with over 20 yrs experience in the growth of the internet, online communities, engagement and behavioural change.

    We’ve worked with top global brands including John Lewis & Partners, the Post Office, LV Insurance, Waitrose and Iceland Foods among many others.

    Why now?

    After the challenges of 2020 everyone is hopeful for a brighter 2021.

    In the midst of an incredibly challenging year, one of the inspiring things to come out of 2020 was the fact that people came together and were stronger as a result. Together, people make more of an impact.

    Now isn't the time to go back to where we were before Covid19 struck. Now is the time to build back better.

    Togethr Lab 21 places go on sale on 1st March 2021

    Spaces are limited to 15 and are expected to go quickly.

    If you're interested, all you need to do at the moment is let us know with your email below.
    That’s it. We’ll be in touch nearer the time. We hope you’ll join us. Only those who register
    will be eligible to be offered one of the 15 places at £4950+VAT for the 3 month pilot with coaching.

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