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Social media is the modern day shop floor

‘Social media is the modern day shop floor,’ said Eva Bojtos from John Lewis earlier this year. The key here is ‘shop floor’. Not shop. Shop floor. It’s where your customers interact with your sales staff.

Christmas dust

Ground into dust: harness the power of employees this Christmas

Every year in November, retailers release their much anticipated Christmas ads.

Over the past decade more and more brands have followed the lead of John Lewis & Partners, embracing storytelling to create massive excitement and word of mouth around their festive ads, to drive awareness, footfall and online sales.

The Christmas of 2019 is one our team remembers well.

Do employees have to post and build influence on every social network?

Social media can be overwhelming – and it’s always worth remembering this if you’re embarking on an employee advocacy programme. It isn’t only about providing content and support to your employees. It won’t all be solved with some content guidance and an app (although our app is marvellous, obviously :D).

Having ideas isn’t enough – you need allies

Even if your idea is good, to succeed, you need to listen and collaborate. I should know because I nearly got fired for ‘going it alone’.

Core Values

How businesses with a strong internal culture thrived during Covid 

Companies with a strong internal culture shone the light on their employees during the darkest days of Covid. Here’s how the fostered it.

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy: Part 5 of 5 Measurement and Reporting

What does a successful employee advocacy programme look like? How do you measure success and report to internal stakeholders and your team?

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy: Part 4 of 5 Motivation

Our 5 cardinal rules for keeping employees motivated once you’ve enrolled them into your advocacy programme. First up, DO NOT reward them.

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy Part 3 of 5: Content and Storytelling

There’s a lot of debate right now about how much employee generated content brands should aim for employees to be sharing. If you’re wondering how to approach content for employees to share, this will help.

Network of digital people

5 Key Pillars of Employee Advocacy, part 2 of 5: Recruitment

How do you decide which members of staff you want to invite into your employee advocate programme? Who do you want posting content on behalf of your brand – and how do you invite them to do so?

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