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Reimagine marketing

This newsletter is for those who are excited by change and new ideas in the way business and society works but see value in working together, connecting, forging a sense of belonging and purpose, so we’re all more successful as part of something bigger.

Recently, we came to realise our entire professional lives to date have all been about reimagining things. Taking something that’s already there and making it better.

Our CEO Andrew Seel started his working life in print marketing but by pure chance in 1994, he had the opportunity to start working in internet marketing, in its very earliest days.

This was the spark of a lifelong journey for him. As time has moved on, he’s applied himself to looking at how organisations as a whole communicate in the 21st Century and how that’s never static.

He’s always been fascinated by the latest thinking in marketing. The relentless forward march of technology demands a continuous rethink in how we communicate, our business culture and our impact on society and the environment.

Amongst all this change, he firmly believes people should always be at the centre of any new thinking.

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